Zen and The Truth About Cell Phones

WHy we might not want a smart phone or wish for away to detour ear sore phone calls on our smartphones.

With all the fantastic ads for cell phones which make us spend enough money to travel around the world yearly per customer. We should think as the buyer, purchaser, patron,client, subscriber; shopper. of said smartphones and ask for the one true filter to prevent Lucy from going off. All smart phones need one interuption key functionthat will say, One of these days Alice, Pow! Right to the Moon". Other wise your battery will over heat and melt your designer phone causing drop out signals when its business. As for good results to detour  the battery melters before you connect personally. A long, or roundabout route taken to avoid something or to visit somewhere along the way: The recording below might communitcate to those that try to ruin your day. I'm  not saying for sure, but I'm just saying its something to think about.  To see the world and not use a smart phone is bliss. OM.
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