Oke Oweenge Forgotten in Espanola

A brief encounter with history now and past in the forgotten townships in the southwest.

Oke Oweenge Forgotten in Espanola 
           A replayed history  forgotten amongst the ruins of a faith which had dominated a civilization. 
An Oke Oweenge Vietname Vet sells war bonnets . Bright Yellow and Sky blue turkey feathers in honor of tribes that use to fight back in the days of cowboys and Indians. Religion and holding on to the faith and old language is a must . Vanishing are the stories of the past and close to the heart, the elders teach the youth the way it was . Two hundred and fifty Us Dollars if you want a war bonnet. "That's a scalping", I say . "Yes like in the olds yeas he laughs". As his laugh drifted with the dry breeze, the scratched of a fiddle  lightly filled the air. It was a religious procession which I had no idea something like this could ever happen on the land of the true indigenous people in the North Americas of the southwest.

Today in American , you are forgotten forever if the Highway does not come  into your domain for you to fill up. and buy a tourist travel card, or a Gator Aid.  You just power down extremely long stretches of highway in your air-conditioned rented car heading to see the bright lights of Los Vegas, and Los Angeles.

I hope to show you a cutler forgotten that still clings to Catholicism the way they recall from their past during a time when men call conquistadors came in search of El Darado .
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