A documentery on Holi shot in the streets up close.

Beyond the pretty Look into a Dionysian Reality
Holi emanates from people gathering to the calling of the drum, which guides the festive religious people into a Dionysian frenzy of a plethora of emotions which are deep-rooted within the individual Hindu woman and man. Westerners, especially in America, have a mock Holi event which appears as pure fun, a lighter version of inner joy. the eastern Holi is unlike being just an earth steward as a simple Druid in an organization such as OBOD that can't make the leap from animals and plants to the complexities that drive mankind. Holi somehow offers a cleansing and acceptance, and a forgiveness of everyone's wrongdoings. During Holi, the good-will of man reaches out to all in theory and all become brothers.
To bring Holi up to 2012 and hopefully successfully past the Mayan Calendar, where the end of the world is predicted before New Years, I can only trust travelers are curious enough to visit Holi in Mantura to understand that this is the new India, and this festival in truth is not a festival designed for tourists who think it is a walk in Disneyland untouched. One must become aware that Holi is a way for its people to work out their frustration and pain.

India is also a fascinating culture of life in color and spiritual rituals that are believed to answer their needs for what has happened to them from the past and now the present. However, Holi is when they let it all hang out while they purge themselves of their frustrations.

Holi is tough love, so get over it and test your meddle. If you are not weak at heart and can adjust ,you might enjoy the experience not found anywhere else in the worl 
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