Gypsy Camp

Life within a Gypsy Camp

The Gypsy camp was shot on the run in two days.  Their life is hard, but unique in the fact that there is little change in their society and the burden placed within the host community. Children with tattoos are for identifying them should  harm come their way. Their style of life  is one of hardships and constant refusal to be a part of any society, or culture except their own.  This camp is illegal, but for them it is their stolen claim of temporary land for being within a country where citizenship will never be a reality.
School is a very short period. The boys and girls are taught to steal at an innocent age. In addition the newborns are separated by an elder and divided up  to other be schooled in the streets. After two years a baby is even drafted to  be carried in the arms of someone apart  of theft ring while taking advantage of your humanitarian  ideals.
The girls at the age of fourteen are married off and must produce a child to consummate the marriage. Afterward two years separated from their child,  some of them  are forced into prostitution. If they are attractive,  they are sent  to the west and often found in Amsterdam, Germany, Spain, and even as far north as Sweden and Norway.. If ugly they get the consolation prize. They are sent to Turkey to the brothels to perform acts of amusement for the men. By the time they are forty some might return if still alive.  The gypsy kings have first rights on who they want to have intercourse with. This can be their own sister or, relative, or even whomever is enlisted into their camp group.
The money given to them at the foot of churches, or  in streets by passing  trustiest and locals  goes to the Local bosses. Many gypsies have and are building wonderful homes in their settlements in other countries. 
Gypsies are no longer the problem of one  or two countries. They are now the problem of the European Union, being that they now have open borders. 
Life has never been fair, and the struggle to climb out of migrational hardships is a common struggle amongst the poor.
Today society is more focused on the self than the good for humankind. Until there is a plan that is able to help disadvantage people help themselves to become a functioning part of the  host's culture and not deliberately take the role of the migrant parasite,. No one will find a long term solution to create a foundation for anyone. Today at best  we just gather moments of leisure, and call it a privilege while another suffers and declare that there is no justice and fairness within the host country.
I hope you enjoy this humble  collection of life and understand the text as the back story to the images seen, and unseen according to your personal taste. 
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