Blue Ice

The green house factor is taking a tole on the earth's fresh water, and in time the melting of the Earth's ice will reclaim land which will redraw boarders. The greats offender is our addiction to carbon fuels for energy and recreation toys. Cooking meat is also a high carbon offender. With that in mind you have t be a vegetarian to do your individual part to turn the tide. When you hear the cracking of the glaciers and ice melting and floating out to sea, You can honestly worry about lobbyist pushing republicans to allow big private and small business companies to get into the energy game and sell energy abroad. To get carbon energy we have to first destroy destroy the ground below. In our time we might be privilege to witness a total melt down instead of saying,"this won't happen in my life time.".

To witness the glaciers to melt is awesome. It leaves many questions. Like why is it the winter solstice is  the same exact time  of the end of the Mayan calendar. Why is it that as we pass across  our galley's black hole  we also discover  at the most center point  scientist  speculate fantastic corona activity from the sun will make the northern lights dance like never before. All this at winter solstice, 12-21-2012.

It makes me wonder if the ice will be there and will greater storms flood New York and other places like Venice.

Stay tuned as life heats up. 
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