The people that once lived in Amboy, which is a ghost town in the california desert.

Amboy Ashes to Dust
A town between Barstow California and  Needles California in the Inland Empire.
A town between Barstow California and Needles California in the Inland Empire once had a population of fourteen. Roy was the town owner and self proclaim Mayor. Today it is more or less a ghost Town. These people you see are now all apart of the earth.  You can find other Amboy info on Youtube.  These people are from the lat 40"s and Roy might have been in ww2. As the age of computers hit the internet, the people here of the Inland Empire Desert  were near the end of their life. 

I am fortunate to have exited of the highway and explored the establishment. SOme pole just  frond Amboy a stop in their life to readjust from their past. Many the dry air offered a better quality of life for their respertory system neared more consistent  difficulties until heart failure was the daily word.  There at Amboy it was the last stop to be young the last light before the dark.

When you walk the empty streets you can still hear the music from the cafe. It served as their last social island in the now tumble weed desert.
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