A Culture in Torment

Preserving old culture in the streets of a small town.

Life in a small village has become the untold battle ground for preserving culture for the people that is in conflict with a newer subculture filled with with western glamour. In a small village the lack of electricity and the high price of luxury items allows the old forms of culture to become the boots on the ground and perform.
The incredible India is not what we see. The incredible India is composed of nearly eight and a half billion people which make the magic of  country that refuses to include its soul for just a  few thousand  western looking if not acting Bollywood types. Escape the tourist traps and life the magic of  real India in small villages too fqr for a hotel taxi.
No one ever asked if a Hindu God traveled barefoot in the streets. or even if they'd stub theiir toes on bricks along the way.
There is an elemet of calm when you know your role within a performance. The joy of being your best will excite others.
A boy races to the from of the prade before it begins. A child takes in the  parade line as information with speed on flip flops.
Even the Gods must have had attendants to keep their look fresh. In BOllywood it must be a dresser in a lower class.
The school boy in uniform is the new India, without a pasue he continues to walk pass to become a future corporate member.
During a break in the parade a boy rests while holding two sword in the street.  A time for people to inspect the characters. 
In small villages that have pride, you can still see a little girl run past in traditional dress.
Even in the best moments of a performance A God  must stop in the streets and  have a hem adjusted with a safty pin.
The charm of Hindu culture still has a place fr those that grew up learning a little about their many Gods.
WHen all is said and done, the quest remain. WIll the culture of the  be replaced by the new found in  pop music videos both men and woman are struggeling with. I wonder which way and if indredibale India keep it's beauty and not become the western darling.
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